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VANGOGH FPA is sired by the famous and proven race horse OKBA. OKBA raced in Tunisia and Oman for a total of 25 races. OKBA WON 14 of the 25 races he entered in, and placed SECOND 10 times. In the United States, 88% of OKBA get are race WINNERS, and 16% are STAKES WINNERS. There were only thirty-seven offspring in the United States sired by OKBA before he passed. Twenty-five of those offspring raced at the track, and grossed nearly $730,000 in Lifetime Earnings.

          OKBA get has not only proven hearty at the track, but in endurance as well. There are eight known OKBA get that are currently racing or have raced in endurance.  Five of the eight endurance horses have multiple first place awards, and a minimum of two best condition award. Three of the four OKBA get that have attempted a TEVIS CUP have successfully completed the grueling 100-mile event.

          Perhaps the most famous is TEVIS WINNER, FRENCH OPEN. Before FRENCH OPEN began his endurance career, he started at the track.  FRENCH OPEN raced a total of 89 starts and his Life Earnings total $78,110!!! Now owned and trained by Hillorie Bachmann, FRENCH OPEN has 930 endurance miles, 20/23 completions, four best condition awards, and three first place awards.

One of our very own High Lonesome Arabians endurance horses, OGEE, is sired by OKBA.  Born in 2004, and having raced 18 starts at the race track, she has proven how tough and competitive OKBA get can be.  OGEE has finished 8/8 endurance events; 6 in first place, and 5 Best Condition awards.  Three of her wins, and Best Condition awards, were earned at FEI competitions.

          Another OKBA son, COUNT OKBA, has an astounding 2230 endurance miles, 44/44 completions, 7/7 100-mile completions, THREE TEVIS STARTS/COMPLETIONS, and 12 top ten awards. Like FRENCH OPEN and OGEE, COUNT OKBA started at the track.  He achieved $46,545 in Life Earnings from 66 starts.

          FRENCH QUARTER, sired by OKBA, has lifetime earnings of $16,899 from 39 starts at the track.  Afterward, he went on to begin his amazing endurance career.  FRENCH QUARTER has 1250 endurance miles, 24/27 completions, SEVEN best condition awards, 23 top ten awards, and 8 first place awards.

          VANGOGH FPA’s dam is VAGUE DE GEMME, sired by BACO DU CASSOU. VAGUE DE GEMME has produced TWO STAKES WINNERS, LUCKY SAND and SAND VICTOR. Her five offspring have grossed Lifetime Earnings of $66,833.  VAGUE DE GEMME’s dam, VANDA DE GEMME, is a FULL SISTER to the amazing french racing stallion VIRGULE AL MAURY.


Okba X Vague de Gemme (by Baco du Cassou)

 2007 Bay Stallion

15.1 & 1/2hh




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